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Guidance and Discipline

      The discipline policy of the center is redirection and guidance and shall be a consistent part of the learning process.  No corporal punishment will be used, and punishment will not be associated with food or rest.  The parents or guardians shall refrain from reprimanding children of other families while on center premises.

     It is our goal that children learn concepts of acceptable social standards of behavior.  Our staff is encouraged to model appropriate, positive behavior for the children.  Children will be taught by example, using fair and consistent rules based on the child’s level of understanding.  Children want to please teachers and parents.  Our staff will try to inform the child of behaviors which are pleasing and which are not.  Our goal is to encourage children through positive reinforcement so that they are aware which behaviors are socially acceptable.

     We also encourage the basics of self-discipline and self-control so that the school day can be harmonious.  Our goal is for children to begin to learn self-control on an age appropriate basis.  Teachers will explain how and why a particular behavior is unacceptable.  Discipline is not meant to punish, but to teach.  Children of any age will be re-directed from unacceptable behavior or shown appropriate alternatives as a first step.  Re-direction and guidance shall be a consistent part of the learning process.

     When the child appears to be over-whelmed, they are offered a private place or quiet activity as an opportunity to regain self-control.  Separation from the group will be used if necessary.  A disruptive child will be placed in “time out”.  This is accomplished by moving the child away from the group to allow for reflection or a cooling off period.

     In the event that positive reinforcement and time-out do not produce socially acceptable behavior, the parents will be notified.  Serious discipline problems will be reported to the parents on a Sad News Memo or Incident Report.  It is important that the child realizes that parents and teachers communicate with each other and that parents are aware of what happens in school.  An example of behavior that would be reported includes biting, hitting, profanity, and disrespect towards staff members or other children.

     Families should inform us of changes in their child’s life that may affect moods and behavior.  Some situations we should be made aware of include:

  • Changes in family situation (separation, divorce, death, new baby, etc.)
  • Parent/guardian out of town
  • People visiting the child’s home
  • Children taking medication
  • Children not resting well the night before.

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